Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Further developments

The course tape arrived today. In the spirit and name of the race, it is RED. Instead of Caution/Cuidado, we're looking at DANGER. I think that's appropriate.

Registration is going well, especially for central NY standards. I dare say we will have one of the fastest and largest (haha) Men's 1/2/3 fields that the region has assembled in a while. The women seem to be coming out in force as well. We're pretty excited about all this.

We have also secured some CX magazine trial subscriptions and issues for the podiums (podia???). Other prizes are in the works...I can at least guarantee we're not giving away XXXL t-shirts that no one under 300lbs can wear.

Let's get some more people out! See you all Saturday morning- we'll ride even if it's sunny out!

1 comment:

Joer said...

sun is the worst!

...but i was hoping for snow.