Monday, October 19, 2009


Registration seems to be warming up a bit...FINALLY. With the only northeast races being in Pittsburgh, PA and New Gloucester, ME I was a little confused why we were seeing relatively few entries. I hoped that everyone wasn't planning on taking off on October 24! We have such a great venue and course lined up that it just did not make sense.

Of note is that the elite race (while sparsely populated) has some really fast legs in there. 4 to be precise...I haven't put myself on injured reserve yet. I'll leave you to stalk their results, but I'll just say that one of them was 13th in the UCI elite race at Granogue this weekend. This means that more fast riders need to come out of the woodwork...GET ON IT.

Another video, this time of Wissahickon, where I always have good rides. Our Rutgers friend Patrick Bradley makes an appearance in there.

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