Friday, October 23, 2009

Pray for rain?

Today we had a great showing of volunteers ready to build the course for Red Cross. We may still edit more in the morning, but our preliminary tests indicate that it's a HEAVY course. In dry weather, it would be hard and fast...but I'm guessing we won't have either tomorrow.

We're honestly hoping for a little more rain to loosen things up a bit. With such little rain today, the track surface was slightly damp and rather clumpy-- think tires accumulating mud in the manner that wet snow packs down. ugh. Most things were still ride-able, but we had to change our intended run-up because of difficult footing.

I'm really hoping it turns out well, because we've put a lot of effort and thought into the race and we don't want people to hate it because it's so difficult due solely to the weather! I guess we'll see.

Here we go!

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