Sunday, October 11, 2009

More race updates

Just under 2 weeks!

Some notes to pass along-

Note that we will NOT be having the typical 50 rider wide "Braveheart" style start so often seen in central NY races.

We will grid up 8 riders across with call-ups. The start/finish area will indeed be plenty wide and allow passing, but having a call-up procedure allows people to warm-up adequately and not have to stalk the staging area.

Accordingly, call-ups will be based upon 1) points and 2) registration order. is the brainchild of Cornell alum/e-celeb Colin and he puts a lot of effort into offering a results/rankings system far superior to the dubious system USAC has in place.

I'm bummed I cannot race yet, but all this means is that all my CX energy is being poured into this race. I think this translates into guaranteed success...

...but a small portion of my step-in stake collection...

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