Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barrier construction

We knew exactly what we wanted and the Lowe's employee was helpful in finding us the most economic options (e.g. OSB board vs. plywood sheets)...but we knew trying to explain the concept of barriers would be quite the ordeal. Suffice to say, we ended up simply stating that these were "jumps for bikes to go over".

Everyone can rationalize the need to jump bikes over stuff, right?

Jake and I assembled these this afternoon and I've gotta say they look great (and extra sturdy). Once they're painted I think they'll be the envy of the central NY 'cross scene (and heck, everyone else also). Best not run your bike into these...they're not going anywhere.

Measurements are 15.75" x 96" x2.375", making the height UCI "legal" at 40cm.

The internal frame, made of 2x3's (much cheaper than 2x4's...)

Before paint, my foot attempting to give it scale...

Looking down, playing with shallow depth of field...

And this video is just amazing,

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