Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update of sorts

We're just about at the one month mark until the race and things are progressing well. In my head I imagined that there would be 1000's of riders pre-registered on BikeReg.com...but I think I'll just have to be patient.

Buck Hill CX
promoter Jeremy was gracious enough to distribute some quarter cards at the Kirkland CX race up in Clinton, NY this past weekend. Hopefully this will draw in some of the NYcross series crowd since they don't have a conflicting race. Certainly there will some more guerilla promotion this weekend at Buck Hill, where I will most likely be scoring results.

As far as sponsors go, we're currently in talks with Cayuga Ski & Cyclery and Ithaca Beer Co. Having these businesses on board would allow us to have both a neutral pit service and a beer/soda tent. We really hope this comes through!

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