Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I made that last post, I guess I also didn't realize that the Portland area races at Portland International Raceway were on a motocross track. We all know how successful those are, so I think that lends some cred to the potential of these types of courses. As if it weren't obvious enough already!

I wish I could have been at Gloucester getting lapped by Jonathan Page, but I'm trying to be cautious and make sure my collarbone heals correctly. ugh. In any case, co-promoter Jake did the live coverage for, so it almost felt like I was there. Maybe.

With all the rain lately, the track has been smoothing out, but also has a lot of MUD, according to our source (aka Jake's dad as he drove by there recently). I love rainy cross racing, but it definitely puts a damper on spectating. However, if almost 80 people showed up for Buck Hill, I'll take it that the rain does not really adversely affect a race's typical attendance.

Over the coming days we have some construction ahead of us- namely barrier construction. We have some plans drawn up for a set of 40cm bombproof planks, hopefully future staples of the Ithaca cross scene. If we only leave one thing behind (aside from Red Cross), let it be these rectangular pieces of wood.

Under 3 weeks to go!

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